Safari Double Jogging Stroller Review

Parents with young kids or twin Babies are often confronted with the difficult challenges of baby care. Buying the safari double jogging strollers can bring amazing benefits to such parents allowing them to keep their usual active lifestyles and still care exceptionally for their loved babies.

Safari Double Jogging Stroller Features

The stroller is uniquely designed and perfectly fitted to baby care because of a number of features. It prides in large 16-inch rear and 12-inch front wheels. These wheels allow smooth movements even over rougher terrains and allow ease during jogging with the stroller.

Now this serves you well, reducing the bumping effects that would be uncomfortable for your baby. Then storms in the high utility sleek reclining seat which allows babies to lie down and enjoy their snap while you complete your workouts. The supremely easy fold of the stroller for twins is obviously a feature that many parents would appreciate, particularly those who drive often. The stroller can easily be folded and kept in the car with no difficulty or inconvenience.

What of the great canopy viewing feature of the safari double jogging stroller? The feature adds more convenience to your jogging with a stroller, allowing you to watch over your baby through the window as you push the stroller.

High Affordability: Safari Double Jogging Stroller

Several options are available for parents buying jogging safari stroller for twins. The commonest ones that people choose are the Instep and the BOB Ironman. Though Bob Ironman shows greater convenience, it is more expensive than Instep, going at $400 as compared to the Instep price of $200. Choosing Instep safari strollers will allow you to save more than $200 and still get a high quality and effective product.

Broad Selection Options

Selecting Instep Safari duo strollers when you buy a stroller allows you a further freedom in choice. This stroller has different models that are of exceptional qualities. The models are usually made to withstand bumpy path walking and high intensity jogging; that is, they are designed for outdoor activity. Once you buy your instep double jogging safari strollers, you are assured of convenience when jogging with a stroller around a block or a park, with utmost comfort for your baby.

Easy to Maneuver

A safari double jogging stroller can be maneuvered by anyone, and so easily. So cast off your fears of having to hire someone to train you on its usage. After reading the operation manual you will be as good and ready to navigate the turns and corners confidently. Besides, the removable seat pad, sun shade, adjustable seats, and the foot rest will accord your baby a pleasurable outdoor experience. When you buy a stroller put your money on the most supreme: safari double joggers.

There is not much you can hope for that you cannot get from the safari double jogging stroller. It is a combination of both the features of master and servant in one effective unit. And often, it suits parents with twins like no other. Try it out and you will testify loudly how it just suits the parent who wants to care both for a baby and an active lifestyle.

Nanny Camera For Home Safety

Nanny Camera For Home SafetyDo you suspect your home servant activities? Are you worrying about the children safety especially when you are not at home? Is your children studying or wasting time in your absence? Are the children safe at home or not? In such situations, home security devices are the solution of all your worries. Your may put a hidden eye on the activities of your children and home employees to monitor their activities even when you are not at home. The nanny camera will monitor all the activities of nannies and the children when you are at job or in market.

There are various ways to hide a nanny camera. You can install nanny camera in an attractive and good-looking teddy bear and no body can suspect that there is a hidden camera in the teddy bear. A nanny camera helps to see the negative behavior of nannies, your children and household employees. It solves your suspected issues and satisfies you about the proper care of your children.

Nanny camera is a wireless device and works with the help of a battery. A wireless bear nanny camera consists of two-power adapter, one battery adapter and a receiver. The spy eye is an UC1300 wireless colored camera, which can be hidden in a teddy bear. It can easy connect with the television and computer monitor. There are eight infrared LEDs, which you can watch in the darkness. It can range 300 feet’s of area which is recommended as an ideal range.

Saving at Online Golf Stores

When you know what you want in golfing supplies and equipment, you can save a great deal of money shopping at online golf stores. Keep in mind, if you are brand new to the sport, you probably have no favorite types of clubs and may not even know the various brands or materials used. In this case, buying locally is probably your best choice. However, when you know what you want, you can find it online for a lot cheaper than you can locally, and most reputable online stores will offer you free shipping.

When choosing online golf stores, make sure you look to those that are reputable. In other words, stay away from those “deep discounts” websites because the quality of the merchandise may not be there. Moreover, check for some online reviews of the merchant to see what others are saying, if most of the reviews are negative, you would probably want to stay away from the store. On the other hand, if the reviews are positive, then you can shop with more confidence. When checking reviews of an online store, make sure you find the reviews off the actual company website because often these are screened and only the positive reviews are allowed on the site.

Keep in mind also that online golf stores are plentiful, which means you will find not only website that only sell golf items, but you will find sport sites that also include a large selection of golfing equipment. Moreover, shopping online is convenient and you have more of a selection under the “same roof” than having to go store to store locally and wasting an entire day trying to find the golf items you already know you want.

It’s a good idea when shopping at online golf stores to compare a few shops to see who is offering the best deals because often, you might find a shop that is offering a really good deal and then get to check out and the shipping is really high, if that is the case, then you have to make the decision to continue looking elsewhere, but of course the shipping is often based on weight, though many online dealers do try to make some money on shipping, so keep this in mind.

Shopping at online golf stores is a wonderful way to save money, find exactly what you want, and have it delivered directly to your home. It is convenient and saves you a great deal of time. You will find many mega golf shops online that have everything you could ever want on the same site, which makes it much more feasible to find exactly what you want, and at a better price than you could find locally.

A few baby stroller accessories you cannot do without

Babies are definitely the cutest creations of God. Also, they have accessories to match. There are accessories present to address your every need and requirement. While many of these accessories are optional, baby strollers are one you just cannot do without. Obviously, neither can we expect a new mom to stay at home whole day nor can we expect her to leave her kid behind every time. These are just two of the many reasons that make a stroller absolutely imperative.

baby stroller accessories

However, keeping in mind, the many things that need to go along with the baby, a lot of baby stroller accessories have been launched. Some of the most basic baby stroller accessories are:

1) A Stroller Hook:

Whether you are taking something out in a package or need to buy groceries, there are regular instances when we need to hang a packet. It is then that this simple, yet amazing, baby stroller accessory comes to the rescue. It is best to buy a set of two and install one on each of the handles.
2) Baby Jogger Child Tray

Your doctor has suggested that jogging is one of the best ways to lose that baby weight you have gained. Also, he says that it is advisable to take the baby out for a stroll every day. You combine the two and find a good way to bond with the baby too. However, the instant you start jogging, stuff keeps falling from the stroller and spilling around and you have to slow down to a trot again. If you have encountered the above scenario or have been given the same advice, then it is in your best interests that you buy this particular baby accessory immediately.

These are just some of the baby trend stroller accessories. Keep watching this space for more of them.

Finding The Best Double Stroller

With the increasing amount of  baby strollers on the market, it’s hard to find the best double stroller for you and your family. The problems associated with them have grown at the same rate as the innovation of each feature. There are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration while buying your stroller. The very first thing to take into consideration is the type of double stroller you want. Basically, there are three types of them:

  1. Side-by-side Double Stroller: Simply put, they have stroller seats beside each other. This is the best when it comes to taking your twins around. Both spaces have the same area, so your kids can see one another rather than being separated as in the tandem strollers. This also enables you to give the children equal attention and they can keep each other company during walks. The handle is one wide bar, which you have to push with both hands for maneuvering around. You have to keep in mind that they are wide, hence, sometimes it will be difficult to go through doors and other narrow spaces.
  2. Tandem Double StrollerA tandem double baby stroller has the seats behind one another. The back seat usually has more room than the front one, so it better than side-by-side if you don’t have twins. They are narrower in width, which is its main advantage over the side-by-side counterpart. Moving around on footpaths, narrow doors, and crowded streets is easier with tandem strollers. They are also lighter, and comfortable for infants.
  3. Convertible Double Stroller: If you are raising children of different ages, the convertible double stroller is the best option. You can attach or remove a seat as per requirement. They can be added either adjacent to each other or above one another. It can be a great helper if you are looking to innovate while going outside, or just a change for the kids. The stroller can be bought one at a time, that makes it even more feasible compared to the cumbersome process of selling your single stroller and then buying a double stroller to accommodate the second child. Nowadays most single strollers can be upgraded with a simple conversion kit.
  4. Jogging Stroller: Double jogging strollers are a must-have for parents on the go. Finding a suitable stroller that is comfortable for the children and easy to maneuver while walking or jogging is important. Click the link to read some reviews and find the best double jogging stroller available in the market.

The top 5 double strollers in the market:

  1. Britax B-Agile Double Stroller:


  • Easy to fold, steer and maneuver
  • The ability fully recline
  • Adjustability of the handle
  • Big basket for storage


  • Only able to add one car seat at a time
  • Only a few color options

Review Summary: It is one of the best looking double strollers in the market. The adjustable foam handle bar is a pleasing accessory compared to other strollers. The canopies are  big and waterproof but have only one window. The buckles are easy to snap on and release. This is a very sturdy customer with wonderful steering control.  It is not the largest of double strollers out there as City Mini has more leg room than Britax. The wheels are plastic, not rubber. They have an amazing customer support who answer your queries immediately. They are available in two colors and have no cup holders or trays.

  1. Britax B-Ready  Convertible Double Stroller: 


  • Goes from single to double
  • 14 seating configurations
  • Large storage basket and canopy


  • Heavy to push and lift as double
  • May not fit through doorways
  • Large when folded

Reviews Summary: It is, hands down the best convertible double stroller. The overall frame of the stroller is strong, and the grip around the handlebars are comfortable to hold. Even though it is heavy, the stroller is extremely maneuverable. Both seats can be reclined with an adjustable bar behind the stroller. The windows have magnets that are a plus when compared to Velcro shutters. The cost of accessories that accompany it is more expensive compared to Graco or City Mini. The swivel wheels can be locked into place. Fold is two hand.

  1. Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller:


  • Incredibly easy to steer.
  • Has a really cool jumpseat
  • Stays standing up when you fold it up
  • Decent size basket.
  • Has many cute colors to choose from.


  • The brake is BIG.
  • It is too big to be even fit into sedans.
  • Large when folded.

Reviews Summary: Though it looks pretty small, it is very heavy. The frame is brilliant with a robust build composition. Steering is good, easy to turn with adjustable handle bars. The cushions in the strollers sink deep, which is bad for skinny children or infants. The front seat reclines completely, which is so nice for an infant or a sleeping child. There is still room for the child in the back when the front seat is reclined, which is great. The brakes are huge, and sometimes children can kick it and accidentally stopping the stroller, as it is right under their feet and just a long bar. There is one cup holder that comes along with the double stroller, additional holders can be added later.

  1. InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger:


  • Has great maneuverability.
  • Very comfortable seats.
  • Cheap.
  • Comes in multiple colors.


  • Build quality is bad.
  • The cup holder is small.
  • Needs a pump to pressurize the tires.

Reviews Summary: This stroller isn’t very heavy. The canopies are sturdy and easy to position. The swivel seats are amazing! Making them incredibly easy to maneuver with a set of great brakes. Folding is a little difficult as exerting the slightest amount of force can break the frame. It comes with a cup holder and a tray, and the baskets are made of fabric which makes it even more comfortable. Though a bulky side-by-side, it fits through most public doorways without a problem. The tires are pneumatic, which makes walking around with this stroller a breeze.

  1. Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Double Stroller


  • Great design, and very comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Feels roomy.
  • Large basket.


  • Very expensive.
  • No accessories.

Reviews Summary:  It is lightweight and easily fits into the trunk of a sedan. The quality of seats are really exceptional. The folding is easier compared to other strollers. The canopies provide great coverage and there is enough space between the two seats that allow each child to have their own space. It turns with one hand and goes through doorways well. The storage is large underneath, however, it is only accessible from the side stores what you should need to carry underneath. There are no cup holders and other accessories, they would have to be bought separately. The tires are made of plastic despite the cost.

What to avoid while buying the double stroller?

  1. Price: Some of the strollers in the market are exuberantly overpriced. Best is to avoid the ones that have no value of the buck. One tip is to avoid fancy strollers that come with cup holders and organizers. They are overpriced, and you can buy a separate cup holder and integrate it into the stroller without any hassle.
  2. Joints and Folds: If there are too many joints, they will start to creak in the long run which can be vexing. Though you may not be able to fold a double with just one hand, it should still be easy to collapse and hoist into most car trunks. A locking fold is a bonus.
  3. Steering: Some cheap tandems are near impossible to steer, especially around tight corners. Smaller wheels mean lesser steering. Go for large wheel strollers if you have a big car.
  4. Bad brakes and handles: The brakes need to engage smoothly with \out bringing you and the stroller to an abrupt halt. The wheels need to swivel easily in uneven terrains.
  5. Bad quality material: Some of them might look good, but their harnesses offer less protection or if the seats are not made of durable material, it is best left alone. Good strollers come with five-point harness and good material that remains great even as your kids grow up.

Finding the right Double Stroller for you

The good news is there are a lot of options when looking at double baby strollers. So many in fact in can be overwhelming to find the right one. My best words of advice would be to do read all the reviews and information we provide on our site and look at other sites as well. Come up with a list of double stroller units you really like. Then go to a baby store and test drive different options. Really it comes down to what feels right for you. Just remember to keep in mind some of the tips we’ve provided here.

Find out which Binoculars are best with ultimate guide

There is no single criterion for figuring out the best binoculars. The binoculars which work for a birdwatcher will not be sufficient for a soldier. To select the best hunting binoculars or best binoculars for birding, there are particular basic principles which should be followed. They will help you in selecting the best binoculars for your requirements.

best hunting binoculars

The very best binocular for you is that which fits inside your fingers well. It should provide you with a good area of vision. It should be able to withstand adverse climate circumstances and allow you to see with clarity objects each close to and far. They should be durable, and simple to carry.

There are numerous prestigious companies, which manufacture binoculars for consumers. Their prices can vary according to the model. The models which offer higher fields of vision are usually more costly than those providing lesser fields of vision. Nevertheless, certain countries have started producing quality binoculars for simply one-eighth with the cost charged by big names within the area. So if you are not brand-conscious you are able to conserve about six to 7 hundred dollars around the purchase of high-quality binoculars. Those who are searching for the best binoculars may not be able to discover them in division stores, as salespersons frequently do not know a lot about binoculars. Therefore, they’re not in a position to suggest you the best model suitable for you. You may try out the stores that only promote binoculars and telescopes. If such stores aren’t available inside your town or neighborhood, you are able to attempt an online store like Amazon and eBay.

How to choose the best

Binoculars are the world’s most used optical tool (right after glasses). There are many kinds of binoculars, Infra Red binoculars, night vision binoculars, waterproof binoculars and so on. Binoculars mostly are used for hunting, birdwatching, and for astronomy. We will review all these types, so YOU can select which suits you best. We will give honest reviews about the binoculars, so you can choose wisely before buying !

Binocular numbers

Binoculars are labeled with numbers, such as 8×40, 7×35 and so on. Some binoculars use numbers like 10-20×70, this means that binoculars are zoom binoculars. The first number 8x40 means, that the binocular has 8x zoom. Which means that looking trough an 8x binocular, the object will be 8 times closer than it really is. Many people like to think that the bigger number is better, well not always that is true. If you will choose a magnification that is bigger than 10x, you will have problems with shaky/unsteady view. Because as the magnification grows, the more sensitive the view gets. Since people have shaky hands, looking trough a binocular which has big magnification will cause the view to shake. If you are planning to buy a 10x or bigger magnification, then consider buying an tripod, which will support the binocular, and will deal with the shaky view.

The other number is 8x40. This means that it has a 40mm lens (both lenses) width. The size of the lens will affect performance. If the lens is bigger it will allow more light beams to go trough. Which means that the image will be sharper and brighter than for example 8×25. But if the lens is bigger the binocular is also bigger, and it’s heavier. So before buying please consider if you want a compact and small binocular, or a big one, but with greater sharpness. The size of the lens does not affect the field of view.

Field of View (FoV)

Field of view is the territory which will be visible to you, trough the binocular. Imagine a fence 1000yards away. If a binocular has a field of view of 250 feet at 1000 yards, you will see 250 feet of the fence. If the field of view is 150 feet at 1000 yards, you will 150 feet of fence.

Field of view is determined by the magnification. If the magnification is 10x, it will have a better look, but the field of view will be lower, than an 8x binocular. And the second thing is the eyepiece which is in the binocular. You can also buy wide angle binoculars, but they are more expensive than standard eyepiece binoculars.

Exit Pupil

Exit Pupil is the width of the light beam, that leaves the binocular. You can measure the exit pupil, by dividing the 2 numbers – 8×40 = 5 exit pupil, 7×35 = 5 exit pupil. Most times 5 exit pupil is totally enough. But binoculars such as marine binoculars, or binoculars that are used by the military have exit pupil of 7+. Because if the exit pupil is bigger the view is steadier, and it’s easier to look trough the binocular, for example driving in a car, or flying in a chopper.

Eye relief

Eye relief is the range which determines how close your eyes must be to the eyepieces of the binocular to see the complete field of view. If your eyes are not close enough to the eyepieces, then you will not be able to see the complete field of view.

Waterproof binoculars

Waterproof binoculars prevent fogging from the inside. Binoculars do fog from the outside, but if it fogs from the inside, then it’s almost impossible to clean it. If you are using your binocular near water, then it is strongly recommended to buy waterproof binoculars.

Sealed binoculars

Waterproof binoculars will prevent contact with any form of water (rain, fog). But they will not prevent dirt and dust to enter your binoculars. That’s why sealed binoculars is a must if you are sure, that you will be in an dusty area. Dust can damage your binoculars quite bad.

Further reading:

Water Filtration Systems The Smart Choice for Health Conscious Consumers!

Water filtration systems offer the ultimate form of pure drinking water for consumers who want clean or distilled water. Water purifiers works in a variety of different ways. Some distil water while others clean it through a process of reverse osmosis. They are a must have item as the many unseen contaminants, organisms and impurities multiply in our water source supplies. Even if you are on a municipal water system and the water is purified at the source, as the water travels through the pipes, it can become contaminated by the time it reaches your home.

Types of home water purifiers:

  • Pitcher type: These are pitchers that you fill with water from the tap and through the filtering system contained in each one, the water that you pour into your glass is purified.
  • Fluoride filters: Very absorbent media that is highly effective in removing arsenic, fluoride and lead contaminants in the water.
  • Under the sink or counter models: These serve only one sink, and work in a manner similar to the counter top faucet filters. They are easy to install and affordable enough to have one for every faucet.
  • Whole Home filtration system. This is a system that is installed at the point where the water supply enters the home. The water to every sink is purified at that source before it flows through the water pipes in the home.
  • Reverse osmosis systems: The flow of water is reversed, and water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction of pressure that allows only pure water through.

Most purification systems have the capability of working in even the most challenging environments. Some are made purely for creating ice and drinking water and are often connected directly to refrigerators, drinking fountains or beverage machines. Others are portable, capable of filtering only one cup at a time. Many consumers opt for water distillers.

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is a great choice for consumers requiring the purest form of water. Most water distillers are used by laboratories, and pharmacies that often require it’s use. Distillation is evaporation and subsequent collection of a liquid by condensation as a means of purification. More simply put, the harmful components of H2O are removed during the evaporation process.

Affordable: health benefits of water!

Home systems range in price depending on the amount of water they will be producing. There are many affordable water purifiers on the market. Alternatively there are also several industrial strength models available capable of distilling or filtering for large organizations. Our online merchants can help you find just the right one to suit your needs!

Fluoride Water Filters

How do fluoride water filters remove impurities? Simple, they use a very absorbent media that is highly effective in removing arsenic, fluoride and lead contaminants in the water. We all know the benefits of drinking water – and because drinking water is so important to maintain our health we want to ensure we remove as many impurities as possible. There are many water filters capable of removing fluoride on the market that you can choose from including:

  • Crystal Qest fluoride water removal filters
  • Filterco fluoride removal system
  • Pure water filter products
  • Ion Form Filters

Whole house water filters:

You can get a fluoride filtration system for your whole house when you use a reverse osmosis system that is connected to the place where the water supply enters the home. If you do not want to install it yourself, any qualified plumber will be happy to install this filtration system for you. A whole house water filter system ensures that the water that flows through every faucet and shower is completely free of fluoride and impurities.

Other types of fluoride removal systems

You can purchase a fluoride filter for an under the counter system and for the systems that sit on the countertop. The filtration action is performed by a cartridge, which you should replace on a regular basis. This particular cartridge is actually called a prefilter and is usually good for an entire year. In addition to fluoride, these filters help to remove:

  • Chlorine
  • Odor
  • Bad taste
  • Sediments
  • Cloudiness
  • Some parasites

The home water purification guide on this website will help you identify the water filtration method that will best meet your needs. You’ll be very pleased with the improvements in your drinking water supply and you’ll truly benefit from drinking healthy water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are one of the most popular types you can have for purifying the drinking water in your home. It doesn’t matter how small contaminants are because the filters of this filtration system will remove them from the water supply. Salts and other contaminants naturally found in water are released in water treatment systems using this process. In best reverse osmosis system, the flow of water is reversed, and water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction of pressure that allows only pure water through. The bottom line is that using this type of water treatment system makes the water taste better.

Remove those harmful contaminants!

The health benefits of drinking purified water are many. A good reverse osmosis filter will help remove dirt, rust and sediment. Some water treatment systems using reverse osmosis are also capable of removing extraneous chlorine and organic chemicals from water that may be harmful.

A unique system of separating the contaminated from the pure water

Many consumers feel that water purified using this method often tastes like bottled or spring water. Much of the metallic taste often problematic with tap water is removed. Several models of reverse osmosis water treatment systems can be installed beneath a kitchen sink. The purified water can be run to a refrigerator, bathroom and any other additional faucets the consumer desires.

There are certain factors that can affect the quality of water produced by these water purification procedures. These include the following:

  • Temperature: the ideal water temperature for this process is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimal water temperature will allow the system to purify water more completely.
  • Pressure: more water pressure allows for not only a better quantity but also better quality, often concerns of consumers who purify their water.
  • Membrane: water must pass through a membrane for the process to purify water. Some have the ability to produce more water than others, whereas others have a longer life.

This unique water treatment process produces water at varying rates, but typically production of up to 70 gallons per day is not uncommon in the average household. This is usually enough water for cleaning, drinking, and cooking. Our online merchants have top of the line affordable whole house water filters that will provide you with pure and clean water!

30 Gas Cooktop (30 Inch Cooktops)

30 Inch CooktopsLooking for a 30 gas cooktop (30 inch gas cooktops)? I’m sure you want the Best Cooktop for your kitchen. That’s what this page was created for…to help you find the best at the best price.

In order to make your search for a 30″ gas cooktop easier, I have researched many and will give you a review of a couple of 30″ gas cooktops that vary hugely in price.

30″ Gas Cooktop – Standing Pilot

This is a basic cooktop, in case you are looking for something at a low price. It is made by Brown Stove Works, Inc., which is one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the U.S.A.

There is nothing fancy about it, but it works and should last you a long time.

You can pick this one up for $178 if you shop online.

Now let’s take a huge jump up in price to a gas cooktop that is substantially more glamorous.

KitchenAid Architect Series II 30 Gas Cooktop

This is a beautiful cooktop. It looks solid and is solid. It has 5 knobs on the front-top and five burners with an extra-large burner in the center. Here are it’s features:

  • First 30-inch 5-burner cooktop among leading manufacturers of gas cooktops
  • 6K BTU simmer burner cooks food gently at low temperatures
  • 15K BTU professional dual tier burner provides versatility for varied cooking styles – from simmering to searing
  • Low profile full-width cast-iron grates allow easy movement of cookware around the entire cooktop surface
  • Width: 30 1/4″, Depth: 21″, Height: 2 7/8″, Cutout Width: 29″, Cutout Depth: 20″

Now let’s get to the most important part of this research…what are those who have bought this unit saying about it? Here is one gas cooktop review I found that gives you a good balanced idea of what to expect:

“I’ve had this cooktop for a couple months now, and here’s what I think:

1. It looks really cool. Yup, between the five burners and the great grate, it is a piece of art.
2. It cooks just dandy; no complaints.

1. The control knobs are slightly higher than the grate, meaning if you put something on the grate and it overlaps the knobs, the ignition clicking is initiated.
2. There is no “on” light in case some inattentive family member (never the main cook, of course!) leaves a burner on low and fails to notice.
3. There is no safety “off” childproof switch. (some GE appliances have this).
4. The Kitchenaid logo piece is three-dimensional and in the lower corner, meaning it is just asking to get dirty and be hard to clean. Flat, or in an upper corner, would have been preferable.” 

Expect to pay around $945 for this 30 gas cooktop, if you shop online.

Bosch 800 Series 30 Gas Cooktop

I won’t say much about the Bosch, except that it is pretty much the same as the KitchenAid above with about the same customer satisfaction.

It retails for $1,249.

I don’t sell any of these and make no money if you buy one, but just to give you an idea of what an electric cooktop has and costs, I have included the review below.

Frigidaire 30 inch Electric Cooktop 

This Frigidaire 30 inch cooktop features a surface on indicator light that alerts you when your cooktop is hot. It also has a “Select Controls” control cooking temperature with easy-to-use controls. This cooktop includes an extra-Large 12-inch element that gives you a place for those extra large pots and skillets.

This cooktop is approved to be used over Frigidaire Electric Wall Ovens. The approximate overall dimensions are: Height 2 5/8 inches – Width 30 3/4 inches -Depth 21 1/2 inches.

The Frigidaire cooktop features:

  • 4 Cooking ZonesReady
  • Select Controls
  • Extra-Large 12″ Element
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop
  • SpillSaver Design

Here’s what one user had to say about it:

“This cooktop heats up FAST, and adjusts to temperature changes quickly. Varied burner sizes are amazing, and I can fit pans on multiple burners at the same time, even when using a 14″ skillet. Cleaning is a bit difficult; the solid black surface is unforgiving, but it will make me put more effort into cleaning surfaces adequately, which is a good thing!”

If you shop online, you can pick this cooktop up for around $392.

I hope this 30 Gas Cooktop page has been of some help to you.

Happy Shopping!

Where To Buy Cheap Security Cameras

Do you need security cameras to protect your home and businesses yet you have no time for shopping? Go online shopping at where you can buy various the best security camera system products at an amazing rate of less than a $100!

Security Camera System

Buying online gives you the comfort of shopping without the hassle and traffic you’ll suffer when buying at the supermarkets. All you need to do is shop online and the things you desire will be delivered directly at your doorsteps. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy online and yet get items at a cheap price. Is The World Largest Marketplace is one of the many online shopping website available that allows you to a wide variety of products to choose from. It is in where you can buy cheap security camera for your homes and business establishments. You can now avail security camera systems that will give you peace of mind at a lesser price only at

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Cheap Security Cameras

Security video cameras these days are of much priority due to numerous unsolved cases of burglary and break-in. Though previous video surveillance cameras are expensive and can only be afforded by those with financial capability, rapid development on camera technology allows manufacturers to create cheap security cameras without minimizing its quality and excellence.

Cheap Security Cameras

Currently, surveillance camera system is made affordable so more number of the public will have the opportunity to buy one for their home security and protection of property. There are different kinds of security video cameras to choose from at the depending on the features and capability of the camera.

Easy Installation

Aside from being made cheaper, security video cameras are more convenient and easy to install. wireless surveillance cameras do not need complex wirings and installation as it is wireless.  Therefore, you can easily set it up wherever you desired. It doesn’t need technical expertise to install a wireless surveillance camera. Manufacturers made it diy style or “do it yourself” style to be handier. Once the wireless surveillance camera is being attached properly to brackets, all you need to do is adjust the camera to have a better view of the subject.

Lastly is to connect the security video cameras to the preferred receiver equipment or monitor either computer or cell phones. With the innovative features and global internet connection, manufacturers create features wireless surveillance cameras that will allow users to monitor their property even at the other side of the world, anytime at his convenience.

Additional Features

Most security video cameras feature night vision and audio recording, though not all has these features. Night vision allows users to monitor darker areas without the need to adjust lightings. Audio recording on the other hand, records sounds and voices.

Restaining your cabinets: A step by step guide

For most families their kitchen is the heart of their home.   As such we spend a majority of our time in it.  As such the kitchen is the first room in a house that begins to show its age. Renovating your kitchen can be a huge undertaking,  and can cost quite a bit of money.  However, you do not need to do a big renovation to bring your kitchen up to date.  Instead, you can simple refinish you cabinets for a new look for little cost.

Restaining your cabinets: A step by step guide

In Denver, kitchen cabinets are the key feature in most kitchens.  So, by changing or refreshing their appearance you can change the whole look.

Step #1 – First remove all the doors, knobs, handles and other hardware.   This way you can stain or paint the wood without destroying the hardware in the process. It also makes the staining process much smoother.  Plus the lines of the stain or paint will be finer, and less overspill on the hardware.

Step #2 – Check the texture of the cabinet and sand any uneven edges or stains from the wood. This is important because you want the surface to be a smooth as possible to paint or re-stain.

Step #3 – Make sure to set or stage an area to stain or paint. Always be aware of any dangerous fumes.  Do not do this in a small enclosed space, with little or no air ventilation.  You will be handling products that give off fumes, so it is important that the process takes place in a well ventilated area or outside.  Do not inhale the fumes directly.

It is a very dirty process and you need to make sure you set aside an area to do it in.  This way you can set up newspaper or plastic on the floor and surrounding areas.  You want to make sure you have plenty of room to paint and let the cabinets dry in peace.  Always be mindful of safety precautions as well. And remember to wear clothes that you do not mind getting stain or paint on them.

Step #4 – Gently stir the stain or paint until it is evenly distributed. Then take a paint brush and apply the stain/paint.  Always stir the mixture after any long period of  non use, as it can separate and the color will end up at the bottom of the can.  So, make sure to use an even coat across each custom cabinet. Denver is an especially dry climate so make sure to get a moisturizing stain or paint to treat the wood.

Step #5 – If staining, wait a few minutes, no more than 10 and wipe the stain off.  This will leave the set stain and remove any excess. If you want a darker stain, you will want to wait longer before removing the stain.

Step #6- Let dry completely before reassembly.

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